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The Blue Deltas are finally here!  Regroup with the RESISTANCE and show MANAGEMENT what you're made of!


Life's too short to work for bad MANAGERS.

Space Pricks is an Asteroids-style shoot-em-up-meets-RPG that's inspired by true events.  Join a handful of the RESISTANCE's bravest FLEET members on a quest to defeat the biggest PRICKS in the universe: UPPER MANAGEMENT.  Blast through mindlessly loyal EMPLOYEES and rack up a score that will grab the attention of the real PRICKS at the top.

Fly into a retro world filled with power-ups, scathing encounters with horrible MANAGERS, and colourful allies who've had enough of working for those PRICKS.  Space Pricks is built primed for speed-running and has a built-in stopwatch, but I'm not going to be that PRICK who tells you to liberate the universe faster!  If you prefer to play at a more narrative-rich pace your experience won't be compromised.



The no-nonsense leader of the RESISTANCE.  V knows firsthand how terrible the PRICKS can be, and she doesn't have time for stragglers in her crew.  You'll have to work hard to earn her respect.


M might seem like a tagalong at first, but she's the beating heart that keeps the RESISTANCE on track.  She's always tinkering with her ship and finding small ways to outplay the PRICKS.


K builds his personal FLEET with the RESISTANCE's most qualified pilots.  V's right-hand man earned his place through self-sacrifice, so will expect the same from you.  If you can prove yourself trustworthy, he'll have your back in the direst fray.

Space Pricks - The Blue Deltas is the second chapter of the Space Pricks saga.  Stay tuned for updates featuring all new characters and more STAR SYSTEMS to liberate from the oppression of UPPER MANAGEMENT.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Role Playing
TagsArcade, Asteroids, Bullet Hell, Minimalist, Narrative, Pixel Art, satire, Slice Of Life, Speedrun
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Hello, thank you for recommending this game to me! It is a very fun top-down shooter, the PEW PEW and the other sound effects are really nice, as well as the art, specially the character portraits.

Gameplay wise I am personally really bad at top-down shooters but I really enjoyed this one, it has some really cool enemies and power-ups that I wish I had more time to enjoy since chapters end so fast.

I would love some auto-shot feature or some hold space to shoot so I don't wreck my spacebar while playing and oh boy the "spin uncontrollably" was real.

The story was really unique and enjoyable although a little confusing at times with all those characters and things happening one after the other,  I am really sorry I couldn't finish the game during the video, I ran out of time.

Overall a solid game, keep the good work!


Wow thanks for the awesome gameplay video!  I'm stoked that you enjoyed the game ^_^ especially since top down shooters aren't your thing!

The space bar mashing is a little intentional as to be honest otherwise the game becomes a little too easy... But maybe there's an upgrade/power-up idea in there somewhere??  Only future star systems will tell!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play through this.  Maybe if you want to take on the rest of The Blue Deltas there's a part 2 ahead?!  (If you want to start The Blue Deltas with a couple more lives without grinding through chapter one again, the settings in the save select screen - hit the gear icon in the bottom right - allows you to select which system to start from).

Keep up the great videos!


Very therapeutic! Reminds me of a few people I used to know...

That's the idea :D well assuming you mean the pricks - I'm glad to hear you 'USED to know' them ^_^ be free!


Always welcome with the top-down shooters!! keep up the good works XD


Thank you so much! Pewpew! 👾🚀


Best game i ever wanted to create

These PRICKS get everywhere, I feel you!  So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing ya legend.